Miller Tubular Services commitment to Quality in Product
Realization, Environmental, Health & Safety Standards

Being a leader in the service providing industry of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for all Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), Machining and Hard Banding Services, MTS understands the value of an effective relationship with our customers.

The primary objective of Miller Tubular Service is the health and safety of each employee. Production will always come second to preventing occupational injury and/or illness. The management team at MTS will assure that all practical and physical conveniences required for personal safety and/or health while maintaining the highest standard of quality.

MTS will strive to maintain the proper attitude and cooperation of every manager, supervisor, and employee. We believe that a dedicated commitment from every employee is necessary to ensure that they are not only familiar with but adhere to MTS’s health, safety, and environmental requirements.

Ultimately, we must focus on our common goals if we expect to achieve a universal objective. Therefore, if we define SAFETY as a judgement as to the tolerability of risk, we must endeavor to:

  • Maintain Safety, Quality, Productivity and Ethics as equal values
  • Define, with exhaustive clarity, levels of acceptable risk
  • Educate all personnel as to the consequences associated with tolerating risks higher than those deemed acceptable
  • Identify all hazards and quantity associated risks
  • Provide a sound tactic for controlling hazards and managing risks
  • Ensure that risks are indeed mitigated
  • Empower our personnel with the ability to STOP high risk activities
  • Commend our personnel for compliance
  • Continuous improvement
    Provide customer satisfaction

MTS’s managers and supervisors are responsible for assuring safe work practices and environmental compliance by all employees and contractors under their control.

Each MTS manager and supervisor are required to give the same high level of personal attention to not only the product quality but attention to the health. safety, and environment as they devote to their other supervisory responsibilities.

All MTS managers and supervisors shall ensure safe working practices through training and enforcement of all governmental regulations as well as company HSE policies. Every MTS employee is responsible for promptly correcting all recognized hazardous conditions and improper methods or practices within their area of responsibility.

MTS’s main goal is to adhere to the highest standards of Product, Health and Safety as well as Environmental Quality.