Miller Tubular Services LLC. otherwise known as MTS, is a privately owned service company with vast industry experience that has a variety of inspection, machine shop, and hardbanding services focused on increasing the integrity and reliability of tubular services in the industry.

MTS can provide an in depth analysis not only through a thorough inspection but a comprehensive MJID TM database, maintenance based on industry standards, and full repair services to all downhole drilling components and rig equipment to ensure that industry standards and customer specifications (TH Hill DS-1, API-RP7G-2, etc.) are met or exceeded.

MTS inspection have a combined average of 45 years of experience in multiple NDT inspection methods and applications. Our Machine shop is second to none with over 25 years of experience in a variety of Rotary Shoulder Connection repair capabilities (and manufacturing).

MTS has always strived to provide our clients with best-in-class machine shop services, an array of inspection options and all the tools to repair and return your drilling tools to like new levels. MTS’s commitment to a quick turnaround without sacrificing our scope of work and repair: has brought clients back to us time after time.

MTS recognizes the importance of being transparent to our clients and as we inspect each component, we communicate repair requirements and review all options with you. MTS stresses the importance of quantifying costs of repair prior to completing the assignment.

MTS is proud to offer Master Joint Inspection Database (M.J.I.D.TM). A state-of-the-art software program that tracks the life cycle of all drill pipe inspected. This includes the original Drill Pipe inspection report provided by the Inspector, all notes before, during, and after the job is complete. Each joint is categorically logged along with any damage assessment as well as any tools that are “Rig Ready.” Pictures are a vital key to any inspection and will be included with every inspection. MTS recognizes the need to provide a “snapshot” of how the job went whether there’s excessive damages or like new connections. The inspection results will be sent to the client after a thorough review of the field work ensuring error free reports for future reference. Our clients can access their M.J.I.D.TM data at any time and can combine multiple inspections of the same drill string to track wear from well to well. M.J.I.D.TM is a vital tracking tool that not only shows our integrity, nonetheless it allows our clients to completely understand any concerns or issues regarding the condition of the drill string.

For more information on this Database Tracking Software contact MTS